Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Festivals and Country Concerts

Went down to Orange Park Mall today. They held a freedom festival where there were fireworks, country concerts, food, oh it was just a good time. I acquired my first press pass and began shooting the band, and the rest of the crowd, or those who would let me take their pictures after I got over my shyness and proceeded to ask them. I forgot my tripod. One of the most important things when shooting fireworks, and I forget it. I have a mini tripod in my bag in case of such emergencies, but there were no surfaces to be found. So, I laid on the pavement and shot upwards. Tore my shoulder up. Anyway, you can find all of the (good) photos I took that day on Facebook here. I think I took a lot of good ones had it not been for the dirt on my lens. It's really starting to rattle my nerves.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody. Stay safe and I hope you have fun. Keep watch for my shots from the fireworks in Downtown on the fourth.

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