Monday, June 27, 2011

Snakin' Around the Lime Tree

Was at an event for My9oh4 again. This time it was a car show and a lime toss tournament for tickets for two for a trip to Las Vegas. There were two models there, which I shot waiting for all the cars to show up. Not a whole lot did on account of they thought it would rain. Which puzzles me, because rain doesn't hurt cars. Bring an umbrella! To cut a long story short, Riddel shot the cars while I covered the lime toss event, considering my lens could fit through the net. I wont post any of the lime tossing event, because there were hundreds, but I managed to cut them down to about 51 to meet Facebook's album limit. I will post some of the cars, the snake, and the models. Most of the model pictures fall into the semi-provocative categories, which isn't my typical subject when I'm out shooting. It just kind of happened. Regardless, I think they turned out well considering it was my first time taking pictures of models. c:

As always, I'll post some event shots I believed to have been my best work, and link you to the full album.

The rest can be found here.Note: Not all of these photos belong to me. Some belong to my colleague, Houston. Only ones with the Sharpik's Focus logo are the ones taken by me.

I wish I had more to post to my blog that isn't of event shots. More frequently, too. It's great and all I have these events, but I guess I just haven't found a whole lot to shoot locally, because I feel as though I've already shot everything of interest in my neighborhood. Now that I've gotten better, I could probably re-shoot a lot of old subjects. But I don't really leave my neighborhood all that much unless it's for an event. I should make it a point to go downtown one of these days by myself for no other purpose than to take pictures, and enjoy the silence and comforting hobby that is photography.

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