Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friendship Fountain Reopening! (Update)

At first I was going to see it in action after a couple of years and take some photos, until Jonathan asked me to go ahead and take some photographs for My9oh4 while I was there. After looking through the images, I didn't cover the event nearly enough as I would have liked but shot none the less. I had left my rechargeable batteries (and it's charger) elsewhere and the current pair I had didn't have a charge so I was forced to use generic brand disposables, which died out every 4-6 photos. It was an annoying experience and caused me to lose the chance for a lot of good shots. Regardless though, I went out and shot.

You can view the rest of what I was able to capture on Facebook here. The reason I keep uploading a lot of my photos to Facebook instead of here or DeviantART like usual is because these are event photos, which if I upload by Facebook, are easier to share with My9oh4 and it's fans. Blogger is limited by bandwidth, and DeviantART is a pain in the backside, so by the time I upload them to Facebook I figure it would just be easier to hotlink to them and link everyone to the Facebook album as opposed to another service. At any rate, regular photography without commission will be uploaded here as per usual.
Update: 6/27/2011

I managed to get to the fountain at night awhile ago, but I forgot about the pictures I took until now. I took about seventy, but I managed to cut them down to about fourteen... Anyway, I'll post 'em right up. I'm debating on what image host to use, because blogger his it's prissy limits... So I just uploaded them to my photography Facebook page for now. A lot of the first ones are test shots and exposure tests, considering I don't do night shooting all that much.

Now that I have a pretty good grasp at what I'm doing and have learned from my mistakes, I plan to return and take many, many better ones. Night photography to me is a whole new ball game.

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