Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Contrast Slider

While my internet was down for a few days I got bored and started going through a few old pictures. I picked out two that I thought had some good potential if I upped the contrast a bit, so I played with them and I must say I love the results. Expect me to be doing this a lot more often. I'm starting to see more potential in old photos I messed up with mistakes I didn't notice before.

The only problem is they might be too saturated now...

Truck Show

Not really my kind of show, but the main reason I was going was to meet up with Jon, but he couldn't make it so I decided since I was there, why not go ahead and shoot anyway? My batteries usually last a day and a half if I'm shooting at a steady speed like I was here. All twelve died in one day for some reason. I was going to get some crowd shots, but it didn't really kick up until it was pretty dark and my camera can't do night photography unless it's on a tripod, and then all the photos turn out blurry. Anyway, you can find the rest of the photos here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Back again with more. Last year I think I did good, but this year, I think I got the fireworks just perfect - The only problem? My location. I didn't get there anywhere earlier enough to get a good shot like I had wanted. It was too late; it was crowded and the spot I wanted would have certainly been filled and I didn't want to waste any more time considering they started really soon and I had to do exposure tests to tune my exposure. This trip really wasn't for any type of work, but I told Jon I'd take some shots for my9oh4 anyway, but I didn't know Houston had already been up to cover the event atop the Burkeman Plaza. I had no idea our friends at Comcast would cut out Houston's internet so I contributed my share of pictures anyway. Enjoy, and I hope you had a fun, happy and safe fourth of July!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Festivals and Country Concerts

Went down to Orange Park Mall today. They held a freedom festival where there were fireworks, country concerts, food, oh it was just a good time. I acquired my first press pass and began shooting the band, and the rest of the crowd, or those who would let me take their pictures after I got over my shyness and proceeded to ask them. I forgot my tripod. One of the most important things when shooting fireworks, and I forget it. I have a mini tripod in my bag in case of such emergencies, but there were no surfaces to be found. So, I laid on the pavement and shot upwards. Tore my shoulder up. Anyway, you can find all of the (good) photos I took that day on Facebook here. I think I took a lot of good ones had it not been for the dirt on my lens. It's really starting to rattle my nerves.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody. Stay safe and I hope you have fun. Keep watch for my shots from the fireworks in Downtown on the fourth.