Monday, May 28, 2012


Gooby, pls. I just got back from Star Wars Weekends, and boy do I have a blog entry for you. We left early Friday morning around five in the morning. We arrived at about eight o' clock and rushed into Hollywood Studios considering we couldn't check into our hotel until four o' clock. After all was said and done, it was a total male retreat back at the hotel. We went back to Hollywood Studios for pictures with the characters and stars, and after which we went to Magic Kingdom today. It's weird writing this from my bed room tonight considering I was just in Disney a few hours ago. We came home so quickly on account of the current tropical storm spinning out in the Atlantic. As I type, I hear wind hitting my windows and cows flying through the air.

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I feel ready to take that step to pro. I just need my own higher-quality camera considering my aunt was nice enough to lend me hers for the duration of the trip. Until next time, whenever that is... (Was that so bad?)

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