Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video + Photo

I know I complain a lot about how there isn't a whole lot to shoot around these parts photography-wise, so I've been exploring the idea of not only doing photography but doing video as well. I've had the idea for awhile now. Most cameras today can shoot in High-definition, so it wouldn't be a problem at all to do both. My camera for what it's worth even shoots in 720p given the light is bright enough so it doesn't have to use a high ISO. I could practice doing both and have more subjects. There isn't too much a difference from my point of view, but we'll give it a shot and see how it goes, because I would like to expand my capabilities.

Out of boredom and trial, I made a video last night that was supposed to open for a spoken essay on censorship, but instead, I made it shorter and turned it into a campaign for Internet censorship. I know, "Why use radio to fight Internet censorship?" Basically, to prove a point that censorship is still censorship.

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The explanation of why both 95.1 and 97.9 plays the same song just at different parts, is th implication that a lot of radio stations seem to play the same things every day.

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