Wednesday, January 19, 2011

City Blues

I went out on the town tonight. Or rather, this afternoon, to which the sun set. I was feeling pretty down due to some stress related issues that I wont explain into details, but I believe I've got some pretty, dare I say, beautiful shots out of it.

I've been waiting to take this
photo for a long time.
I wanted to take this shot back in
but messed it up. I've been trying
to re-take it ever since,
but could never find the time (or way)
to get down there to do it.

This one is what I like to think is a story telling photo.
With the city skyline in the background,
there's a board with our history with the words,
"Fever, Fire and War". I believe I could tell our current
situation as a city through this image.

Looking up along the pathway,

watching these flags flap in the calm breeze,
I couldn't help but feel captured by the
white poles and blue sky,
and how the flags contrasted well with both.
It made me think bright.
One of many pieces of art you'll find in
downtown along the river walk. 

I actually have no idea what this building is,
but I liked the architecture.

It's depressing, actually.
A nice view of the skyline after-dark. 

I kinda blew the sky out, but I think the whole shot has a
very urban feel to it.

I think this was called
Ocean Blue. A private
night club in downtown.
The same bridge as above, except now
I'm facing it.

And lastly, is a panoramic image of downtown Jacksonville's south bank.
1/30/2010 - Before the Wachovia sign was removed.

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